3 surprising love blocks affecting your career

The 3 surprising love blocks that will affect your career

Taking control of your career and dating after divorce isn’t as instinctive as you might think. It feels weird to think about having a romantic relationship after your marriage ends similarly it feels unnatural to step into your authority. Don’t let the 3 surprising love blocks linger over to your career.

With the right mindset, courage and huge self love its very possible to find a better love after your divorce. It’s also very possible to uplevel your career at the same time.

You’d be surprised how often I run into women blocking love and career opportunities after their divorce and don’t even know it. 

The surprising thing, believe it or not, is that these love blocks you have are usually the same blocks you have in your career.

If you are noticing difficulty in meeting the right type of men to date or finding the right opportunities in your career, keep reading. 

I’m going to discuss the 3 surprising love blocks that will affect your career. I’ll also offer quick and easy ways to overcome these blocks.

1.Guilt around wanting more.

Guilt around wanting more money, more time, more freedom, more love, more prosperity,  more shoes, more dates, more men to choose from, more opportunities and more relationships. Having guilt because you’re already blessed in an area but you want more of something else.

Our society has made wanting more mean you’re greedy, selfish, or ungrateful. It doesn’t mean any of this. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more. The desire for something more is how you expand, grow, achieve and reach your full potential. As a result, its a requirement to want more in order to go beyond the space of where you currently are. That’s apart of the journey of life for every human. It’s the same thing for every phase of life, including dating after divorce and your career. 

Some women get comfortable with the fact that they survived divorce. I hear women say I’m just blessed that I got through it. My kids and I are doing okay and that’s enough for me… and that’s where they stop. I believe and hold a space for divorced women that you should want more and can have more. 

Surviving divorce is the minimum, it’s in your spirit to thrive. 

There’s guilt for wanting love after divorce, relationships, or even wanting to date. Guilt around opening yourself up for love. The same thing happens in your career. When it comes to a promotion or going after a certain job, changing companies for more opportunities or wanting more money guilt can set in.

Ask yourself if you want more love, dates, promotions, money, and notice if guilt is a feeling that comes up. Do you feel like you should just be happy where you’re at?

 If you answered yes, then understand the guilt is really just fear because you know you’re destined for more. That underlying feeling of fear is your body’s way of telling you to put yourself out there.  Take the leap!

Here is a strategy to overcome this block. Take action anyway!  Go on the date even if you think you’re not ready. Apply for the job that you think you’re not ready for. The fact that the idea came into your consciousness and gave you a feeling of excitement or possibility means that this reality already exists. You just haven’t connected to it yet.

2.Inability to receive compliments

Probably one of the most common and overlooked love blocks is the inability to receive compliments. As women, we have been conditioned that minimizing other people’s gratitude for our greatness is ok. On the surface, you’re not able to receive compliments. At a foundational level its unworthiness. You don’t feel worthy of someone taking the time to acknowledge you for your beauty, your gifts, your attitude, your contributions, your intelligence, etc. 

Likewise, your inability to receive compliments gives the energy of rejection. You’re rejecting the compliment and you’re closed off to receiving. Being open to receive, is necessary to find love again, the right love, and being able to receive what that person offers as love. 

This is also critical to your career. How would you ever receive guidance, business offers, more money and opportunities if your wall is up to receiving?

Here’s a strategy to overcome this block. Say thank you with a smile in your voice and nothing else. No explanation, no return compliment, no awkward silence. Just a grateful thank you.

3.Willingness to be wrong

Willingness to be wrong simply means you’re open to learning. If you’re resistant to hearing someone else’s experience, perspective or what they’ve learned it doesn’t change the fact that you could be wrong, it does change the energy of the exchange between you and the other person. Another example of a critical element to dating successfully and progressing in your career.

Allowing the possibility that you could be wrong, being curious versus critical keeps you open to a positive exchange of energy. Consequently, having a positive exchange of energy makes you attractive as a partner romantically and in business. 

Here is a strategy to overcome this block. Listen more, judge less. What could you possibly lose by listening more and judging less?

I told you I’d give you quick and easy ways to overcome these blocks.

Did you identify with any of these 3 surprising love blocks that are affecting your career?  Try any one of these strategies and you will instantly melt your blocks around love and your career very quickly. 

I’d love to hear how you’ve started progressing after divorce to boose your love life and career in the comments.

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