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If you are feeling anxious, frustrated, or lack confidence in love, I have a message for you: You can have the love you deserve.
When you work with a coach (like me!), you will find your confidence using my transformative & holistic approach to dating and relationships.


“I’m so glad I invested the time and money in myself. 2020 has been marked by some challenging times. This program  helped me learn more about myself and the love that I want for myself and that I deserve.” – C. Smith, Georgia
“Farrah intuitively asked the right questions to help me find the root of what I needed to explore. I felt so excited to implement the strategies we discussed and I’m sure my relationships will now have improved communication. I would recommend Farrah and the work she does based on her ability to understand energetically what is going on for you. A wonderful coach with an amazing gift!”S. Louise, United Kingdom
By the time we finish working together:


Here are a couple of ways we could work together...

Dating Detox


Get a taste of coaching

Two 50-minute sessions detoxing from all the dating and relationship b.s.

I will guide you through detoxing your mindset and emotions from all the crap you’ve gone through related to dating and relationships.

This detox will cleanse you from emotional debris, and refresh you to give you energy, positivity to move forward, and confidence to make dating so much easier.

By the end:

You’ll have clarity on how to attract your ideal partner.

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Love by Design


You're serious about getting the love you deserve!

Go from feeling anxious and stuck to confident and empowered in your love life in 90 days.

Get personalized dating assessments and six 40-minute love coaching sessions via Zoom.

Learn the only 4 steps you’ll ever need when it comes to successful dating & relationships.

By the end:

You’ll stop attracting mediocre partners & start attracting the love you truly deserve & desire!

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