What is empowerment coaching?

What is coaching? 

Life coaching is a supplement or resource to the overall enrichment of life, to encourage and motivate you to your highest potential.

What is empowerment coaching?

Empowerment coaching motivates and teaches divorced women that feel drained, discouraged, and diminished in their life to stand in their power and live their authentic life. I focus on releasing limited beliefs to expand awareness and confidence.

What is my style of coaching?

I focus on women’s empowerment after divorce.  I love motivating and encouraging people.  I’ve been doing it all my life. I enjoy the aspect of watching people transform and reach their potential.  Because I have lived through my own divorce and being a single mother, I have a passion for seeing women like me that are strong and hard working live an abundant life. My coaching is geared toward energy and thoughts, I also tune into my intuition to coach as well. I’m pretty straightforward. I go with the flow and then adapt accordingly. I am a nurturer by nature so people tend to feel at ease talking with me. 

Who is Farrah Blakely?

I am an empowerment coach in Dallas, Tx. I help women going through a divorce or have experienced divorce to start thriving and live their authentic life.  I have a masters degree and have worked in management for several years when I discovered a love for life coaching and helping people. Although I am an empowerment coach I like to incorporate other modalities such as mindfulness and Reiki into coaching. I am an intuitive and empath.  I love to learn, passionate about helping people be accountable, adventurous and I enjoy traveling. I am a mother of two very independent and opinionated kids, they keep me accountable. They call me on my stuff all the time, like literally ALL. THE. TIME. But they got it honest and it keeps me humble. I am happily divorced and thriving in Dallas, Tx.

What does empowerment coaching with Farrah help me with?

I guide women on how to live empowered by using inner guidance,  mindfulness and thought management to help:

  • Learn emotional freedom
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase self-awareness to find your purpose
  • Build confidence
  • Skillful living to attract and maximize the life you want
  • Energy awareness to create more positive outcomes

How does coaching take place?

My coaching services are done via Skype, face time, call, or face-to-face.

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Below is a free mistaken beliefs workbook to help you get started living a more empowered life. This workbook will help identify any mistaken beliefs that could be the causing a lack of confidence or lack of control over certain situations in your life.  Our beliefs are usually at the core of our thought patterns and our thought patterns drive the outcomes we see in our life. Click on the link below to download the workbook.


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