It’s time to redefine dating

As your Love Coach, I’m here to tell all beautiful high achieving women…It’s time to redefine your love life!

As a modern woman, it’s time to allow the most cherished connection to shine through.

It’s time to let go of old outdated patriarchal frameworks for dating and open up to the curiosity of life, people, and things without fear or shame.

You must lead in your dating life if you want the right men to approach you. Instead of waiting, you lead you by taking divine action that will expand your openness and approachability.

Redefine validation. It’s doesn’t need to come from an outsider.

Redefine love by what excites you.

Redefine expectations by seeking fun vs labels.

Reshape, redesign, reformat dating for your divine design. You wouldn’t put a brand new diamond ring from Tiffany’s in an old, broken down, outdated, ring box.

You’d go create your own perfect ring box. FYI You’re the diamond in this analogy.

If you’d like to learn more about redefining dating as a modern woman download my free dating guide

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