I focus on women’s empowerment after divorce.  For so long women have been judged and left to feel alone during a time when clarity and connection are most important.  I love motivating and encouraging people.  I’ve been doing it all my life. I enjoy the aspect of watching people transform and reach their potential.  Because I have lived through my own divorce and being a single mother, I have a passion for seeing women like myself that are strong and hard working live a truly enjoyable life where they thrive, not just survive.

I remember when  I divorced, it was scary.  It was like I had to learn how to be me all over again. Not mention I was a mother of two kids.  It was exhausting.  I was so used to being a couple I had forgotten what mattered to me. I felt judged, guilty and like I would never get to a place of being carefree about being by myself.  It took me a few years to realize that my pain was never really about the divorce. It was about the expectations I had around the marriage and the person I was married to. It also had a lot to do with these expectations I created in my head that no one else knew about except me.  Once I realized this I had to reconcile how and why I had these expectations and thoughts. It took me on a long journey of self discovery where my own self awareness and self love was awakened.

During this time of self discovery I realized fear was at the core of most of the expectations I had around my marriage. What I did next was unthinkable to most people but it gave me ultimate freedom.  Little by little I started to understand that I was responsible for where I was. It wasn’t just him doing x,y,z to hurt me or creating a bad environment. I let go of MY idea of marriage and leaned in to loving myself AND my ex as a person.  Simply put…I  gave myself compassion and I did the same for my ex.

 I won’t lie it was weird  and difficult to allow this type of outlook to take over but it gave me so much power and control.  Empowerment came when I started with myself. I noticed an increased confidence, I was excited for things to come, I wasn’t anxious anymore about the future, and I felt better off then when I was married. It was like a veil was lifted and I could see.

Now that I could see;  this person wasn’t just an ex husband that did something that I thought ruined my life or that took something from me. He also was a person that had his own issues, pains, lows and flaws just like me. We were two people that came together in what we thought was something that could work in a particular time and space together. Turns out we were both wrong. We. were. BOTH. wrong!

It wasn’t just him, it wasn’t just me, it was  us. We both contributed to the birth and death of the relationship as well as everything in between. We created and lived in what we both believed to be love for that specific time and space and then it needed to come to an end. I had my faults in the relationship and he had his, both equally faults.

This is where empowerment after divorce begins. Learning how to own the parts we are responsible for and opening ourselves up to become self aware moving forward. This is the only way not to repeat the same mistakes again. 

As women we hold a power within us that can change everything. It’s something a man will never experience or have. I feel after a divorce is the most valuable time in a woman’s life to reignite this power by leaning in to it and releasing it. 

If you have recently gone through a divorce or experienced a divorce years ago you may have thoughts like 

  • I wish I didn’t have to go through this
  • Why can’t my transition into single life after divorce be easier. 
  • I don’t know how to be single
  • It’s too hard to be single now. 
  • I don’t feel confident.
  • No one will want to be with me. 
  • I feel like I am starting life over again and it’s taking forever to get where I want to be. 
  • I feel like giving up. 
  • I don’t want my kids and family to be disappointed in me.
  • I don’t know what I am doing.
  • It will be better once I get  into a relationship/married again.
  • My life is ruined and it will never be the same.
  • My kids will miss out on things because I couldn’t keep the family together. 

If any of these sound like the thoughts floating through your mind it’s  time to take control and gain some insight on how to let go, gain confidence and peace of mind.  

I am an empowerment coach in Dallas, Tx. helping women transition from divorce increase their ability to start living and enjoying life for themselves .  I have a masters degree and have worked in management for several years when I discovered a love for life coaching, energy awareness and helping people. 

My journey was not in vain. I have been guided to help other women embarking on this phase of their life to be a source of encouragement, motivation and insight.  There are so many up and down emotions after a divorce. Once the paper work is signed and finalized, then what? I am here to help you gain empowerment after your divorce by tapping into using inner guidance,  mindfulness and learning to flex your thinking to help with:

  • Emotional freedom
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase self-awareness 
  • Build confidence
  • Skillful living to attract and maximize the life you want
  • Energy awareness to create more positive outcomes
  • Positive co-parenting

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