What is coaching? 

Life coaching is a supplement or resource to the overall enrichment of life, to encourage and motivate you to your highest potential. Just like athletes and actors have coaches to push them to the next level so that they can excel, life coaching does the same thing. All success that happens in people’s lives comes from some level of coaching they received. 

What is Empowerment &Energy coaching?

I help women THRIVE after divorce or a drama filled relationship. Some of the most beautiful,  talented, successful women do not feel empowered after a relationship ends. It does not have to be that way. That is your most empowered time but many do not realize it. I help you to understand your indiviual energy, when and how your working against it, how to shift it, how to pull from it and steps to always feel empowered. When you are clear in who you are and why you feel empowered. When you are empowered you make better decisions and reach goals.

What is my style of coaching?

I focus on women’s empowerment and energy as a life coach. That’s my thing, it’s my passion. Understanding your unique energy and knowing how to shift it into positivity and abundance to gain empowerment is such an amazing thing. My coaching is geared toward energy and thoughts, both are dependent on the other . I’m pretty straightforward and I don’t like b.s. I am not by the book, I go with the flow and feed off of the vibe and then adapt accordingly. I am a nurturer by nature so people tend to feel at ease talking with me.  I love to laugh and people that have a sense of humor so laughter will probably occur in my coaching sessions.

Who is Farrah Blakely?

I am an intuitive and empath, good listener, best free cheerleader you’ll ever find, nurturing, funny, straight up opinionated, gives it to ya straight with no chaser, loves to learn, curious, passionate, adventurous, loves to travel and eat good food. I don’t like a lot of fuss just do what you need to do. I am a mother to two phenomenal kids, one is an adult the other is a teenager,  they call me on my stuff all the time, like literally ALL THE TIME. But I guess they got it honest. I am happily divorced thriving in Dallas, Tx.

What does empowerment & energy coaching  with Farrah help me with?

  • Getting unstuck from past relationship drama.
  • Recently divorced/going through a divorce and need to find your “true” self.
  • Co-parenting with ex-partner/spouse.
  • Feeling uncomfortable being your “true self” due to anxiety, fear of being judged.
  • Body image issues
  • Lacking the confidence and self-discipline to start and continue goals.

What kind of women will find quick results with my coaching?

  • Women that are tired of being tired of their situation
  • Open-minded
  • Consider themselves fun even though they may not be having fun currently
  • Has a sense of humor
  • Does not like b.s. 
  • Will work  for their results, not taking shortcuts

What kind of women will NOT find quick results with my coaching?

  • Women that complain all day every day but refuse to take responsibility
  • Not open minded
  • Like being the victim
  • Has zero sense of humor
  • Consider themselves fun but actually has a stick up their butt
  • Likes putting others down to feel superior
  • Doesn’t want to do the work to get the results they want, lives for shortcuts

Ready to work with me? Contact me here. Can’t wait to meet you!