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Empowerment is an amazing thing. When it’s activated it can change your life. It’s not just about feeling good. It’s about understanding yourself inside and out and knowing your whole self as complete and feeling freedom in your choices.  It is about being self-aware of your gifts, talents, blocks, struggles, and goals while remaining present and fully accepting what is and moving forward. That’s empowerment.  That is how confidence is created and maintained. I focus on empowering women transitioning after a divorce to live their authentic life. I guide women on how to take steps to feel confident, secure and abundant and release self doubt, second guessing, and being scared to take chances. It’s easy to get sucked into a fear centered life in our society. Being whole isn’t something they teach in schools but it is a necessary skill to live a fulfilling life. It is hard after a dramatic change like a divorce to see how powerful and strong you are let alone realize the opportunities this new chapter will bring.

As an empowerment coach in Dallas, Tx the foundation of my coaching is to consciously lead and be a personal change catalyst for women that have gone through a divorce. I teach principles to bring awareness, empowerment, and self-evolution to equip you to take control of your life and to reconnect you to your inner power.

My Philosophy

Everyone is born with everything they need already within them to be free, fulfilled and happy. How to unlock these skills and power within isn’t always easy to identify. That’s where I come in. I am a  skilled helper here to teach you how to connect to your true self and master the life you want.

If you have come to this site you are definitely on a journey to change your life.  You just got one step closer to your goal.

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