Dealing with crisis when you're not a in a relationship

Dealing with crisis when you’re not in a relationship

Before I get into the helpful ways of dealing with the covid-19 crisis when you’re not in a relationship, I want you to know that if you’re reading this you are an overcomer. You have courage, strength, and love within you and around you. 

Your natural state of being is well being, thriving and abundance and this current situation isn’t yours forever. Your “yet” is inevitable because love finds us all, all of the time. 

I understand how hard it may feel when dealing with our current pandemic situation if you’re not in a relationship. Doesn’t matter if you’re divorced, widowed, single or even if you’re in an unhealthy relationship, it feels like your alone especially in our current situation of being quarantined to our homes. 

I wanted to share some positive thoughts dealing with a crisis when you’re not in a relationship because this gets overlooked. Mentally it’s hard to always be accountable for uplifting ourselves. But here’s what I truly believe, a spouse, partner, boyfriend, can not mentally uplift you. It’s always your responsibility. If you’re thinking someone with a partner is better off that’s simply an illusion because each of us, whether in a relationship or not, is responsible for our own happiness, mental health, and well being. 

How to deal with Covid- 19 home alone


Be honest with yourself about your feelings. There’s nothing wrong with feeling sad, fearful or depressed. That’s a normal part of being human in a crisis situation. Take time and let your feelings be felt. 

The hardest part is having all the feels. We get nervous with emotions. We think we’ll get stuck with them and can’t get out. Our brain and body try to protect us by going on the defense when heavy emotions come up. You can’t ever get past those emotions if you don’t recognize them. You’re just pushing them down so they aren’t so close to the surface. 

 Heres how to recognize your feelings without getting stuck. 

Be the observer. To clarify, picture yourself stepping outside of your body to watch yourself experience the feelings. What is happening in your posture or your body language? Whose voice are you hearing in your thoughts that are influencing your feelings..is it your voice? Is it a parental voice? A voice from a previous relationship?

As a result, observing makes emotions more informational instead of permanent. Think about how you treat information. Either you use it to make better decisions or you disregard it. This is the same thing. 

Practice self-discovery

Entertain all the things you always think about but never take any action on to see if you’re really interested. Google “how” to do them. Google The “best way to…” whatever that thing is. This allows your spirit to have a voice without the worry of judgment or explaining anything. 

For example, a few weeks ago I got the idea to take acting classes. I don’t act…at all. Like ever. The idea seemed ridiculous however, the idea came to me at a time when I was occupied doing something else. It actually gave me a spark of excitement.

If it gives you any level of feel-good feeling follow it! That’s usually your intuition which in a busy world can be hard to hear so now is the perfect time to dive into all of your intuitive sparks that come up. I investigated acting by googling about it and imagining the possibility of this in my life. I’m not committing to it or attaching to it, I’m just expanding myself to learn more about me.

Use your hands

Use your hands to write, write, write, write, write. Write every day. Start a journal. I use Pinterest to find journal prompts and I love it! Write affirmations, your plans for what you want. 

Create a “Stuff I want” list. If you’re really anti-writing you can color, cook, try new hairstyles, try new makeup looks, level up your selfie game, rearrange furniture, make a vision board, make a digital vision board. Canva.com has free templates you can use to easily let your creativity out. 


I can not stress this enough!! Move that booty! There are several online dance classes you can take as well as yoga classes, Omstars is a fav of mine. In addition, you can do squats & push-ups while watching Love is Blind. A secret about push-ups…it keeps the girls lifted naturally. If you can do a full push-up your chest will thank you in 10 years. Exercise helps your immune system because it increases white blood cells that are needed to fight infection.

Use this time to try meditating. I hear people all the time say they wish they could learn how to meditate. Now’s the time. Youtube has so many variations of meditations for beginners that are guided and non-guided, even as short at 3 minutes long. No more excuses.

Call Someone or Facetime

If you’re feeling lonely and want human connection, hearing a familiar voice can help. I know calling someone is not our normal but it’s actually really therapeutic. If you can facetime that’s even better. Focus on what can you help you at the moment instead of getting overwhelmed with what will happen tomorrow, next week or next month.

The bottom line, this situation is hard for everyone. The best thing to do is to keep your mindset positive and stay active by doing things AT HOME. By the time this crisis starts calming down, it will be super busy. The energy of the world will be to go, go, go x 10 so enjoy this quiet time and take advantage of all the rest and relaxation.

Let me know if you found this article helpful. I’d love to hear your comments. Stay safe and healthy out there.

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