Now that you're divorced, ask yourself: What do you REALLY want?

Hi I’m Farrah (and yes I was named after Farrah Fawcett).


You’ve probably heard the story a million times:


I married young because there was a baby on the way and we wanted to do “the right thing.”


Another kid, a cheating husband, and multiple breakups later, we finally separated when I was 27.


But even after breaking free, I was still trying to prove myself to others, and I had a panic attack at work.


That was the wake-up call I needed to understand my own emotions, and take back my inner peace.


Now I help women take their power back after divorce.

Farrah Blakely

The Breakup

My baby was 9 months old when I found out my husband had been cheating.
And it wasn’t his first time.
By this point we had either threatened to leave each other or separated at least 5-7 times.
They say the first breakup never takes.
I made the decision to leave, and it was going to stick this time.
I was not going to spend my life in hell then worry about going to hell anymore.

The Breakout

I went out on my own creating a new world for myself not knowing anything about anything.
I was scared as hell.
I had no clue what I was doing or if it was going to work out.
The one thing I always knew about myself was that I was a quick learner.
I love to learn and education would take me far, so I went back to school!
I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree at 35 (yes, it took me forever!) I thought I would never finish school, but I did.
Getting my bachelor’s degree led me to later pursue a master’s degree, which I earned at 39!

The Breakdown

After years of working around the clock as a single mom, and even after all I had accomplished, I was still a mess.
I was so warped in my mind that people were judging me for being a single mother, not having a husband, etc, that I worked myself into a meltdown.
One day at work around 2:30 in the afternoon while sitting at my desk I had a full blown panic attack. At that particular time, I didn’t feel panicked or worried, but if I am being honest I was so used to worrying and agonizing over shit that I didn’t recognize the feeling of worry anymore.
Worry was my normal.
I had never had a panic attack before so I had no idea what was going on.
My body all of sudden shut down, I couldn’t breathe, I was suddenly incredibly hot, my heartbeat sounded like it was outside of my body it was so loud. I couldn’t stand up. I was so lethargic. I could no longer hear the people in my office.
My heart was beating so fast I couldn’t gain control.
Something inside of me told me to relax and calm down.
This small quiet voice told me to focus on my breath and everything would be fine. The small voice kept repeating this and I followed these instructions.
It took me about an hour and a half before I felt half way normal again.
Here’s the one thing I noticed, the very people I was trying to meet expectations for didn’t even notice my anxiety attack.
These people were maybe 4-8 feet way and they didn’t notice anything!
I could have dropped dead and I might have accidentally grabbed someone’s attention but it would’ve been because they tripped over my ass.

This woke me up quick!

What in the hell had I been doing all these years with all these so-called expectations, worries, and analyzing to make sure I did the “right” thing?

The Breakthrough

I did not like having this thing looming over me like a dark cloud, just waiting for my next emotional outbreak.
I decided that I was going to figure out why these thoughts were like a comfortable pair of shoes, because, let’s face it, I found comfort in the familiar.
Where did these negative thoughts stem from and how I could learn to overcome them.
This led me on a path of self-discovery, empowerment and confidence.
On that path I have learned mindfulness, how to shift my mindset and the power of connecting to my true self.
I have learned so much about different practices and resources that promote a way of life that completely changed my thought process, which ultimately changed how I saw my life.
I felt empowered and in control.
Changing my thoughts resulted in me meeting goals I’m actually passionate about, removing negative self-talk and mental blocks and increasing my confidence.
I also learned that divorce can stir up a lot of deep emotions and without help and understanding of these emotions when transitioning from divorce it can harden and block you from receiving the goodness life has to offer.
It took me years to understand all the layers that go along with this.
I have dedicated my life to helping other women understand and embrace this a lot quicker so they can live their best life sooner rather than later.
Does this sound like exactly what you need? Learn more about how I work with women get their power back.

I believe all women deserve to be free of their own negative thoughts after divorce.

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