Ask yourself: What do you REALLY want?

Hi I’m Farrah (and yes I was named after Farrah Fawcett).
It was September 2004 when I decided I wanted a divorce. I was DONE!
 I couldn’t do it anymore.
I couldn’t be unhappy anymore for the sake of a relationship. 
It had grown into a toxic monster that was choking me every day.
But even after breaking free, I was still trying to prove myself to others, suppressing my emotions and believing I was unworthy. 
All the years of internalizing my emotions and putting others first led to constant anxiety.  I got to a point I couldn’t take anymore and I had a panic attack at work.
That was the wake-up call I needed to dive in and begin to understand my own emotions & reset them along with my mindset around love, especially self-love.
After my divorce, I grew into a place of empowerment through the ability to S.E.E. Self Emotional Empowerment.
This is my own method I discovered with my experience to understand and reset my mindset & emotions, heal the relationship with myself, and allow space for a soul partnership that I longed for.
Now I coach high-achieving men & women who want it all including the love they deserve.
Farrah Blakely

The Breakup

Coming from a strict religious background, conformity was supposed to make my life easier.  That absolutely wasn’t the case! 7 years into my marriage with 2 small kids I realized my husband wasn’t the person I thought he was and I was miserable.
What was I going to do? Ruin the picture-perfect image that I had been led to believe brings happiness? Hell yeah. I left that toxic AF relationship.
Not being who I was to conform to society’s rules of what my life should look like, that’s not the story of love I wanted my kids to see and that’s not the story I wanted to live!

The Breakout

I went out on my own with 2 young kids creating a new world for myself not knowing anything about anything.
I was scared as hell.
I had no clue what I was doing or if it was going to work out.
The one thing I always knew about myself was that I was a fast learner & multi-talented, so I went back to school!
I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and then a Master’s degree.

The Breakdown

My response to my divorce & life was to stuff my emotions way down like they didn’t exist and beat myself up emotionally. I didn’t want to bother or burden anyone, no one really understood and I wasn’t secure enough that I could deal with all the contrasting emotions while being a mom.
Plus I had to work, pay bills, take care of kids. I didn’t have time to figure stuff out!
I didn’t have time for the emotional and mental breakdown that I deserved.
I came to the realization that I had attached the fear of failure and rejection I had my from my divorce to everything in my life. The story I came up with after the heartbreak of my divorce was… if I work really, really hard I can make up for this bad thing and feel worthy again.
What I learned is that it’s not about working really hard to feel worthy. It’s about understanding that the love you show yourself is the love that shows up in your life to love you back.
It’s about showing compassion for yourself so you know how to show compassion in your intimate relationships. It’s about having space for that soul partnership you know exists but you won’t admit to yourself that you crave. It’s understanding that how you talk to yourself is how you lay the groundwork for love to find you.

This woke me up quick!

What in the hell had I been doing all these years with all these so-called expectations, worries, and analyzing to make sure I did the “right” thing?

The Breakthrough

There’s emotional baggage inside that you just can’t shake on your own and it keeps you from being who you really want to be and having the relationship you really want. But how do you fix that?
I started to see my own self-emotional empowerment.
This is how I created my method S.E.E Self Self-emotional empowerment. I was tired of being tired of dating & relationships, but I also felt there was more for me.  I  became certified in reiki, life coaching, and mindfulness. I created a holistic approach of doing less to attract a love that feeds your sensuality, and intellect, and allows growth while wrapped in soulful love.
I am so passionate about shortening the process for men & women to move from anxious and frustrated to confident and empowered to attract their ideal partner. It took me 10 years to get here but it doesn’t have to take you that long.
If you knew there was a way to help you redefine yourself to attract the right love & relationship into your life, how would you love differently?  

I believe all women deserve to be free to be who they really are and get the love they truly deserve.

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