Janet Jackson

What Can Janet Jackson teach us about Mindfulness

My close friends and family know that I am a HUGE Janet Jackson fan! HUGE! This song sums up exactly how I feel and the message of empowerment I want to send to everyone everyday. Whatever you’re facing or going through, it’s not a mistake and there’s no shame. It’s apart of your unique journey. You were made for now…in Janet’s words. We are made now, not tomorrow.

Stop worrying how things will work out. It always works out. Be in the moment and enjoy what you can enjoy. This song lifts me up every time I hear it. I love to dance. This song definitely gets my feet moving. I feel a since of gratitude to be able to sit back and enjoy music.

I find music is a useful tool for healing and feeling empowered. I use music daily to feel inspired, motivated and to get my mindset right. Music is very therapeutic.

This song is catchy but it is also a reminder of the benefit of staying present. Being present is the best way to avoid anxiety. Commonly known as mindfulness, it is a holistic and natural approach that requires practice and understanding of how to stay present. Learning and practicing mindfulness is a fantastic way to adapt this practice. About a year ago, I started learning about mindfulness and really enjoyed it.

Mindfulness is the state of being aware of your feelings and thoughts without reacting, judging or getting attached to them. It’s the act of being in the moment for that moment. The next moment you become aware of that moment. You’re basically taking on the perspective as an observer but within yourself. This helps increase self awareness and insight.

Let’s say you are at work and you are trying to finish a report for your boss but you keep getting interrupted. You may start to feel stressed or anxious or think you will not make the deadline. Instead of reacting to these emotions and thoughts, you pause and notice them and feel them. You notice you are getting anxious, you start to become aware of the feeling anxiousness does in your body. You pay attention to how it makes you hot, jittery and swarms your mind with negative unhelpful thoughts. When you take the time to slow down and acknowledge these feelings and thoughts as they arise then you are able to talk yourself through a solution rather than reacting, such as snapping at someone, crying, or giving up.

You will see from this practice how much more empowered you feel when you are able to witness an emotion or thought instead of needing to react to it.

Mindfulness is simply using the mind fully instead of using conditioned responses. There are various ways to impart mindfulness on your daily routine. I urge you to take the time to learn mindfulness but until then let Janet teach you a thing or two about staying present and jamming out.

Take a listen and don’e be surprised if you start moving those hips to the beat. It’s catchy. : )

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