Life can make us feel like we are powerless,  like the outcomes and results in our life are determined by luck, struggle and outside forces. The reality is that the life we are living started with our thoughts many years ago. Our thoughts create the life we are living. Change your thoughts, Change your life. It really is that simple. Once you become aware of this it is easier to reach goals and live in abundance.

What are you spending time thinking about? Self- doubt, fear of failure, rejection, lack of companionship, lack of money? The thoughts you put attention on will influence your actions, which in turn create your reality. Where thoughts go energy flows. The only way to enhance your life, increase confidence and become stronger for the long term is to change your thoughts. It takes patience and accountability.  This should not be done alone because the road can get long and lonely. I am here to help  you.

I focus on female empowerment for divorced women. I guide women on how to take steps to feel confident, secure and abundant and not to feel judged, isolated or less than. It’s easy to get sucked into a fear centered life in our society. Being whole isn’t something they teach in schools but it is a necessary skill to live a fulfilling life. How we experience life begins with our thoughts.

As an empowerment coach in Dallas, Tx. I can help you take control of your life and personal transformation of divorce by removing  internal obstacles to reveal and reconnect you to your personal power .

Freedom in life comes from the ability to feel in control. Being able to feel in control of emotions, circumstances and choices in your life is what empowerment is. Having the skills and self mastery to identify and understand your true self, connect to your purpose and  develop to your full potential is the total sum of empowerment.

It can be very difficult to live as you truly want to live if you do not understand the habits in your thoughts. Most of us are not aware of these habitual thought patterns because it started when we were young or when a certain relationship  took place. These thoughts stay on repeat, all day every day.  We can’t understand why we keep falling into the same patterns,  why we end up with the same results or why we simply cannot get to where we want to be.

My Philosophy

Everyone is born with everything they need already within them to be free, fulfilled and happy. How to unlock these skills and power within isn’t always easy to identify. That’s where I come in. I am a  skilled helper to help unlock your true self and master the life you want.

If you have come to this site you are definitely on a journey to change your life.  You just got one step closer to your goal. Congrats!


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